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What Situations Do You Need Printing And Portrait

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46

In daily life, how to distinguish between inkjet and portrait is very simple. Inkjet and portrait are a fact for layman, but it is not true. There are subtle differences in their use, and this difference makes their use quite different. Like the difference between our mobile phones and TV sets, the size of the home TV is 30-100 inches, and the maximum size will not exceed 7 inches, but their resolution is the same, such as the latest iPhoneX near the 2K resolution, and the Hisense's good 42 inch TV set is 4K, although their resolution is 4K. The resolution is only 1 times, and the size difference is nearly 10 times. So the different sizes of the TV set in the factory will give more than 5-10 meters of watching distance, and the distance of the mobile phone will not exceed 50cm, because the distance from the people's eyes is easy to fatigue.


The above principle is exactly the same as the truth of the painting portrait. The UV painting machine is the most supportive of the ultra wide painting output of 5 meters, and the biggest picture of the commercial production photo machine is only 3.2 meters. In the inkjet printing industry, resolution is not used, but DPI (pixel density per inch). With the JHF5 meter UV inkjet printer, its maximum support is 600DPI, and the photo machine can reach 1200DPI or even higher. Painting portrait is generally larger, up to 100 square meters or more than 1000 square meters, and the portrait is generally used in the room, its span is generally not more than the area of the house, so it is close to watch, so the density of DPI is high, otherwise we will appear print particle spots in the close range.